Monte Ferro Agropark

Monte Ferro Agropark was established in 2016 and is implementing a project to plant a hazelnut orchard covering a large area in the North-West region. Since the establishment of the company, 4,300 hectares of land have been acquired to establish a hazelnut farm. At present, new hazelnut orchards have been planted and are being planted on an area of about 2,000 hectares, which is considered unsuitable for planting and gardening, which has never been used by anyone. It is planned to increase the total area of hazelnut orchards to 5,000 hectares by 2022. For the first time in Azerbaijan, a modern drip irrigation system has been applied to hazelnut growing on 2,000 hectares of planted land, and it is planned to apply this system to hazelnut fields to be planted in the future.

The new jobs that will be created in the region chosen by the agro-park as an address will not only help the local population to solve the problem of unemployment, but also create conditions for them to do what they know and love. Monte Ferro Agropark, which is always in the focus of the country's leadership and has contributed to the creation of new jobs in this direction, has created 350 new jobs during this period, and 80 of these jobs have been provided with permanent jobs. Despite the start of the project, the new seedlings will start to bear fruit in 4-5 years. In this case, the recruitment process will continue in stages as needed. As a result, 250 people will be provided with permanent jobs as a result of the company's activities. The main strategy of the agro-park is to participate in the cultivation, processing of hazelnuts, achieving high productivity, training of qualified personnel in the agricultural sector and the creation of new jobs, as well as increasing the export potential of our country.

  • City:Qax
  • History of creation: 2016
  • Address:Azerbaijan Ave. 28
  • Contact us:+994 55 450 48 01