Monte Ferro

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"Monte Ferro Agropark," established in 2016, covers a large area in the northwest region. Four thousand three hundred hectares of land were acquired to create a hazelnut farm, and new hazelnut orchards were planted on nearly two thousand hectares of uncultivable land.

"Monte Ferro Agropark" implements projects related to the establishment of hazelnut orchards in Azerbaijan. In 2022, it is aimed to expand the areas to five thousand hectares. The drip irrigation system is mainly used for irrigation. In addition, "Monte Ferro Agropark" is expanding and acquiring farmland in Karabakh.

Monte Ferro
In numbers
RƏQƏMLƏRdƏ Monte Ferro

4667 ha

Available total land area

2096 ha

Cultivated area

618 769 units

Number of hazelnut trees