Mohammed Reza Habibzadeh


After completing his bachelor's degree in “Engineering and Industry Organization and Administration”, M. Reza Habibzadeh has graduated from Qafqaz University with a master’s degree of “Economics and Administration”.

Professional experience

He started his career in the petrochemical sector and later held various positions in "NAB Holding", which is one of the largest establishments of Azerbaijan. Later, he continued his financial career in “Bank of Baku”. After working in the banking and finance sector for more than ten years, M. Reza Habibzadeh combined his financial experience with sales and made many innovations in this field.

Since 2017, he has been the co-founder of “Ferrum Capital”, the first private factoring company of Azerbaijan, which is a member of the “Aga Group” family and continues his activities in the same role for City Finance NBCO.