Fuzzy Coffee & Wine combines the concept of coffee and wine. Our main mission is to provide quality service to our guests, to make them leave our place smiling and satisfied.
So why Fuzzy? Many of you know Lotfi Zadeh's famous theory of fuzzy logic. This theory is called Fuzzy's theory. In this theory, as Lotfi Zadeh says, there are thousands of shades between any vague concept - intermediate nuances. One of the most important nuances for people is to identify uncertain issues. Coffee and wine always help us to identify these issues and make the right decisions. There is no denying that a cup of coffee helps to solve any problem, and a glass of wine plays a role in our sincere conversations. In our own words, we have created a sense of uncertainty.
As Fuzzy Coffee & Wine and our team, we are always with our guests and at their service in the most pleasant moments!

  • City:Baku
  • History of creation: 2020
  • Address:Caspian Plaza 1, 17-th floor
  • Contact us:050 275 00 30
  • Instagram:fuzzycoffeewine
  • Facebook:fuzzycoffewine