Ferrum Capital Limited Liability Company, the first independent factoring company in Azerbaijan, was established on September 19, 2017 to provide factoring and other financial services to local and foreign companies. Ferrum Kapital LLC has been operating in Azerbaijan for more than 25 years and is a member of the AGA Group family of companies, which is always leading in terms of reliability and trustworthiness. Ferrum Kapital is constantly expanding its activities and the range of companies it cooperates with. These include healthcare, tourism, various services and sales, distributors and dealers. It is also the first financial institution to offer online loan sales to its partners. The company's main goal is to provide local and international factoring services to customers in all sectors and thus contribute to the economy. Factoring is a method of financing that arises or will arise from the sale of all types of goods and services in exchange for a factor discount.
Our services:

How is the B2B (Factoring Company - Seller) factoring process implemented?
1. A limit is set for your company according to the volume of joint work.
2. A Factoring Agreement is concluded between the Parties in accordance with the agreed terms.
3. Sales are carried out on the basis of a contract concluded for approval of the sale of goods / services, intended for the sale of goods, performance of works and provision of services.
4. Invoices, invoices and delivery documents are sent to Ferrum Capital.
5. The amount will be transferred to the account on the terms agreed upon your request.

How is the B2C (Factoring Company - Buyer) factoring transaction process implemented?
1. The seller, who is a partner of the factoring company, approaches the company / store to get the product.
2. The buyer is analyzed and after a positive result, the "Loan Purchase Agreement" is concluded and the sale is carried out.
3. The agreed IFO (Initial Factoring Payment) is transferred to the partner's account.
4. The buyer pays monthly payments to the factoring company determined on the basis of the contract.

  • City:Baku
  • History of creation: 19.09.2017
  • Address:Xojali avenue.37
  • Contact us:+994 12 310 34 84