Demirchi Tower

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"Demirchi Tower" is a twenty-five-story A-class business center established in 2013. The center hosts many large companies and embassies. Many service areas have been created in the building for the convenience of regular users and guests. Designing the offices located in Demirchi Tower in such a way that they receive full daylight is a guarantee of saving energy consumption.

Demirchi Tower has a tasteful architectural design and a large parking area. Advanced security and protection systems are essential elements of the building, and constant cleaning and maintenance service makes the building stand out from its competitors.

Demirchi Tower
In numbers
RƏQƏMLƏRdƏ Demirchi Tower

22,453 kv/m

Total rental area

4 units

Catering facility

15 countriea

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Our trusted residents
Our trusted residents
International collaboration
International collaboration

"Demirchi Tower" is always the first choice for international companies with its high technology, convenient location, security system, and English-speaking staff. "Demirchi Tower" hosts more than thirty international companies.

Residents of the building include Turkey, Ukraine, France, Great Britain, Russia, Denmark, USA, China, Switzerland, Netherlands, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile. Reputable companies such as "Turkish Airlines," "Wood Group," "Oracle," "SPLAT," "Huawei," as well as embassies have chosen "Demirchi Tower" for their local offices.