If you are a last two year student at Azerbaijan University and your performance meets the following requirements, then this scholarship is for you.

Awards amount:

91-100 300
71-100 250


1st June


30th August


1 semester (winner may keep scholarship based on GPA of every semester)

Application requirements:

• Gender: Female
• Citizenship: Azerbaijan
• Profile: STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), finance and medicine.
• Entrance score (DIM): 550+
• GPA: 71+

Required documents:

• Photo (3x4, white background);
• Social media links;
• A motivation letter (500 characters) or a video (no longer than 1 minute) about achievements, goals, life principles and why you need a scholarship. It is important to show how conscious the choice of specialty was.;
• Scan of a certificate of academic perfomance (transcript) and a student card, where it is clearly confirmed that you are studying a 3rd/4th year in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), finance profile or 5th/6th year in medicine profile.;
• Scans of diplomas, awards, any documents telling about you and your achievements;
• 3 reference letters (school and college/university teachers);


Application essay, should be as personal as possible in the sense that candidates want the reviewers to know about personally. Long and unnecessary sentences will only make essay boring.

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