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Caspian Business Center, designed in 1996, is one of the most successful projects and is the first business center in Azerbaijan. Caspian Business Center is one of the centers where young people come together to work, learn, and socialize, in short, for personal development.

This center, whose construction began in 1998 and is located on one of the city's central streets, is designed in accordance with the modern style. The center's main activity is renting offices that meet high standards and are spacious and comfortable.

Caspian Business Center
In numbers
RƏQƏMLƏRdƏ Caspian Business Center


Number of floors


Catering facility

4400 m2

Total rental area

~8k, ~32k

Visitors weekly/monthly
Our trusted residents
Our trusted residents
International collaboration
International collaboration

"Caspian Business Center" is a unique place due to its location and characteristics. This building, the first business center of Azerbaijan, is the best choice in Baku for companies and startups of various sizes. A wide view, several cafes, and comfortable and high-standard offices attract foreign companies to "Caspian Business Center."

Residents of the center include America, Russia, and Turkey. Equipped with the latest technical equipment, this building has become the number one choice of high-level companies such as "Anatolian Agency," "UNDP," "American Council," "AR Branch of CQA International Ltd Company" and others.