Caspian audit

Founded in 2008 by AGA Group, Caspian Audit LLC is now an indispensable player in the Azerbaijani market in the fields of Finance and Accounting, Taxation and Migration, Human Resources and Human Resource Management, Taxation and Migration Consulting. It serves more than 40 local and foreign companies operating in the fields of factoring, IT, Construction, Manufacturing, Tourism and Catering. As a reliable business partner, Caspian Audit LLC provides the following services to its customers:

* Registration of legal entities and individuals as taxpayers;
* Accounting and reflection in the 1C accounting system;
* Organization of accounting from 0;
* Restoration of uncontrolled accounting;
* Preparation of current reports and submission to relevant government agencies;
* Carrying out personnel clerical work;
* Establishment and maintenance of human resources system;
* Preparation of business plan;
* Preparation of business plan;
* Migration and tax consulting;
* Opening bank accounts, applying for a loan;
* Acceptance, analysis and provision of necessary information to the client by inspections appointed by all government agencies;
* Opening bank accounts, applying for a loan;
* Preparation of seals;
* Full establishment of the company;
* Liquidation of the company, legal entity.