Ariana Biznes Park

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"Ariana Business Park," which has been available to customers since May 15, 2017, is located in Bakikhanov, far from the noise of the city. It stands out with its central width, built in a modern design, mainly considering the comfort of users.

A modern, high-standard building has become a safe and affordable option. That is why it is very attractive and accessible to users.

Ariana Biznes Park
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2784 m2

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Our trusted residents
Our trusted residents
International collaboration
International collaboration

Located on the outskirts of Baku, "Ariana Business Park" is an exclusive business complex that offers various office solutions to local and foreign companies to create new business strategies and achieve their business goals. "Ariana Business Park," located in Bakikhanov, away from the noise of the city and

providing the comfort of residents, offers a wide range of high-standard, modern offices to international companies. "Ariana Business Park" is a cost-effective option for foreign companies with parking space, advanced security solutions, and constant internet access.