Our history

Our history

"AGA Group of Companies has been writing history in the country's economy for almost twenty-eight years while occupying its honorable place in the private sector of Azerbaijan. From the first day of its establishment, working day and night without getting tired, sweating, and not accepting the words "I can't," "impossible," and "I'm tired" added great value to both the country's economy and the company. Thanks to all this, impossible things came to life and turned into great opportunities. Thus, a small company turned into a big Group. During this time, many people applauded, supported, loved

us, and sometimes we saw unpleasant smiles, hopeless eyes, and heard bitter words. But over time, as a result of our work, all those people changed their minds. During these twenty-eight years, "AGA Group of Companies" has made its mark in Azerbaijan, in the construction sector, more precisely, in the non-residential sector. When we say "AGA Group of Companies," we mean a team that provides high-level service to more than five hundred local and foreign companies and embassies. When we say "plaza" in Azerbaijan, we mean the Group that develops this meaning and brings it to the highest level. To

day, when the word "plaza" is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind are business centers belonging to "AGA Group of Companies." "AGA Group of Companies" has made incredible steps in the financial sector in a very short period. "AGA Group of Companies" has taken its deserved place in the country's financial sector today as a result of smart, capable, talented, creative people who are well versed in financial affairs. When I saw the roadmap and strategies while talking to these people, I did not doubt that "AGA Group of Companies" would be one of the largest financial corporations in Azerbaijan shortly. As for agriculture, incredible, miraculous things have been done. In just four years, the largest hazelnut orchards of Azerbaijan were planted in dry, stony, and uncultivable areas. For the first time in Azerbaijan, an agro park for hazelnut cultivation was created. Thousands of waterless, unusabl

e lands have been given life today. Unseen fields turned into wonderful and charming hazelnut groves. We, the founders of "AGA Group of Companies," the Demirchi family, see our mission as a worthy son of our country and Azerbaijan. We have always prioritized the interests of our motherland — Azerbaijan — over the interests of our company and family. During the pandemic, donations to state institutions and assistance to hundreds of families were carried out without delay and on time. If in the 1st Karabakh war we did it as a family with our small resources, by selling our engagement rings at home and carpets handed down to us by inheritance, in the 2nd Karabakh war, both the "Demirchi" Family and the "AGA Group of Companies" made our contribution to the victory in an organized manner. We are proud and proud of it! As long as there is Azerbaijan, "AGA Group of Companies" will be there, and Azerbaijan will always be there!"

Aydın Demirçi
Our values
Our values
    Our priority is to create value for our customers and to meet their expectations with quality and stability. We must maintain our quality and be with our customers after the sale.
    In increasing productivity, investing in innovative projects, and creating a healthy working environment, our primary goal is to ensure the sustainability of the AGA Group of Companies for future generations.
    Our main goal is to be the best in terms of quality, service, and customer relations and to maintain our mission in society. Our top priority is to be fair, honest, and accurate to achieve this goal.
AGA Numbers
AGA Numbers
Information technologies

4 years

16,4M AZN

850 m2

4667 ha

10 years


Average rental period
Total capital
Rental area
Available total land area
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70000 m2

60,9M AZN


2096 ha



otal rental area
Loan portfolio
Customers weekly
Cultivated area
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50k, 200k

5,7M AZN



94 %


Visitors weekly/monthly
Customers daily
Hazelnut trees
Satisfaction rate
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66,9M AZN


6 years



work centers
Total assets
Variety of drinks
Technical support
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The management team working in "AGA Group of Companies" are professionals with years of experience. This team, coming from different fields, but acting with common values, manages the "AGA Group of Companies" diligently. This management team, with innovative thinking and a creative approach, was able to sign many innovations in a short time.
Social initiatives
Social initiatives

"AGA Group of Companies" not only supports the bright future of young people with social initiatives but also contributes to local human capital. Social activism increases the company's overall reputation and opens new doors for the local population. AGA Group of Companies, which always gives great importance to development, has

invested in the education of young people and created new opportunities for their education. Thus, there are "IRON MONTH" and "IRON YEAR" scholarships of "AGA Group of Companies." These scholarships are organized with 50% of the total revenue of the restaurant "Fuzzy Coffee&Wine," a brand of "AGA Group of Companies."

Our ethical and
Our ethical and personel principles

It is the duty of every employee of "AGA Group of Companies" to respect ethical principles and personnel policy. According to our moral principles, any form of corruption is considered an unethical act. The collection and use of personally identifiable information are strictly regulated. Employees are subject to discip

linary action for violations of the principles, such as reprimand, warning, and dismissal. Based on our personnel policy, we ensure the selection, efficient placement, and personal development of quality employees. Integrity, responsibility, and honest business activity are the main values of "AGA Group of Companies."